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Mike has been playing guitar off and on since 1984, the first band he was apart of was the “Undesirable Dogs” in the summer of 1990, and then went on to join a fifties/country style band called “Yesterday For Now”.

In 1991 he had to relocate to Westchester County for his day gig and didn’t perform again until 1997. Upon his return to Western New York he formed a group called “Acoustically Insane”. They released an all-original cd “The Best Of Times” in 2000.  

  In 2000-’01 Mike started showing up at Randy’s gigs and sitting in with him here and there, until they found themselves being asked to play engagements as a duo. They ended up having their first gig booked before they had had their first official rehearsal.

    note from Randy: Mike never gives himself enough credit but his musical talent and his incredibly strong vocals are a huge part of this groups success. Also, not to mention his raw emotional love for music, which makes it hard not to jump right in with him. He's the reason why this band doesn't take many breaks, he's contagious!!! We love yah, Mike!